Monday, 14 November 2016

Postcards of Leandra Holder Artwork

The above are all postcards made from my artwork and are available to buy on Etsy.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Another of my new paintings called "Menopause" - so many of my friends tell me that this is how they feel - so I thought I would paint how they feel!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Latest Painting

My latest painting called "Head in The Clouds, Rooted in The Earth, Dreams Still Alive" a long title I know! But it explains the painting.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

A few more of the paintings I've been doing over the last few years -

"Dreaming of Frida Kahlo Flying" by Leandra Holder: "Day of The Dead Sugar Skulls" by Leandra Holder: Heavily influenced by Gustav Klimt (hence all the gold leaf) "Lady in a Gold Dress" by Leandra Holder.: acrylic painting on canvas by Leandra Holder - called Autumn Leaves (available on etsy): Acrylic painting on canvas by Leandra Holder called Sugar Skulls (available on Etsy): Acrylic painting on canvas called A Day At The Beach by Leandra Holder (available on Etsy):

What I am doing these days -

I am sorry to those of you who have been trying to access my website, which no longer exists. I do not make jewellery any more as I am chronically ill and do not have the strength to use the jewellery making tools. Of course I could never give up Art completely, no matter how ill I am, so I paint pictures on my good days - very slowly, but I find it satisfying. I also sometimes up-cycle dolls - making old and unloved dolls into art pieces. The remains of my jewellery collection and some of my paintings are available on Etsy -
The dolls are also available on Etsy -
Thanks for your interest - peace and love Leandra x

Saturday, 10 November 2012

An Urn for Mum's Ashes

I haven't been on here for ages as I've been too busy being my mum's carer. Mum has now died and this is the urn I've made for her ashes. It's made from slip cast porcelain with a patchwork of dichroic glass glued to it on all sides. The stopper is a skull with Swarovski crystal eyes. If mum could see her urn she would laugh!