Friday, 22 August 2008

Latest Charm Bracelet

Here's a photo of my latest creation - Carnival Time Charm Bracelet - £129.99 - as with all my work, this is a unique piece. I often explore the same theme over and over again, but each one is different to the one that went before. This is meant to conjure up the joy of carnivals - whether it's a masked ball in Venice or a street carnival in Rio or Notting Hill. There are seven, handmade by myself, bisque fired porcelain heads which measure approx. an inch in length. These are all dressed-up with masks or make-up ready to attend the carnival and are individually painted and varnished by myself. There are lots of interesting vintage and new goldtone charms too, as well as rhinestones and sparkly crystals. As with all of my fuller bracelets this works well as a necklace too, just by adding an extension chain (let me know when you buy this if you would like a free extension chain.) Enjoy the carnival!

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Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Love your work! So unique!

Janine xx