Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Steampunk Timetravellers by Leandra Holder

These are what I've been making for the last week - they can be worn as brooches, as there's a strong rollover pin clasp on the back, or can be displayed in a cabinet (as I do with my own.) I sell them for £69.99. The idea came from thinking about how I would love to revisit previous decades, but with the knowledge I have now. What fun I could have! Then I remembered H. G. Wells and his time machine, films I've loved like 12 Monkeys ... and they just grew from that. The faces are between an inch and an inch and a half tall, and like the hands, are handcarved from polyclay which was fired in my kiln. All the keys, insides of watches, cogs and screws are attached with very super strong Araldite. I designed them to look vintage - I wanted the timetravellers and their time machines to look used - as if they have had many adventures together - some of them a little too thrilling perhaps. Hope you like them as I loved making them. If you want to buy one then go to my website - www.leandraholder.co.uk Thanks for looking!

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