Monday, 18 February 2008

18th February 2008 - tattoo arm earrings

I've been at college all day today as I am doing a ceramics and glass course. One of the pieces I was working on today was casting some small arms in porcelain slip that I intend to make into earrings again. I have made a pair of these before and after a bisque firing I painted them flesh colour and then decoupaged some tattoos onto them before varnishing. I sold the first pair to a romantic man who bought them for his girlfriend for Valentine's Day. But I love them so much that I just have to make another pair! I never make exactly the same piece twice - as it would bore me to tears - so these will have different tattoos on them. The pair that you see above are the first pair I made last June (2007) I sell these for £50.00. Tomorrow I am working on my super-lamb-banana designs, I'll let you know how I get on with it. A lot of my friends are working on the same project and it's been fun seeing them today and bouncing ideas off one another. Can't wait to see what they all create!

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